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Barrel Instant Thinner 10000



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All types of Instant Thinners, oil Thinners and Special Thinners for Epoxy and Polyurethane paints

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Instant Thinners in various types for use in wood and automobile industries, oil Thinners, furnace thinners, epoxy and polyurethane and all other industrial thinners which are formulated and manufactured at the laboratory.
Additional Information
SKU Thinner10020Ba
Manufacturer Country Iran
Manufacturing factory Petromad kimya
technical_specifications N/A
Color(cobalt platinum) 1
Odor after shrivel Without odor
روش استفاده N/A
ویژگی ها N/A
Spot test Without spot
Distillation range Distillation range: 55-180˚C
evaporation waste zero
Acidity ≤0.1 0.05≥
Copper corrosion Noting
Water volume percentage zero
Refractive index 1.3850
density 0.82
Usage nitro cellulose paint, clear lacquer ,polyester lacquer, putty, primers and washing industrial components
Warehousing store in dry place and away from children and direct sun shine
Packing types Quart 086Q , Tin 185Q, Gallon 3Q, Barrel 210Q

1- keep away from children.
2- keep in cool place away from direct sun shine.
3- Use in a place with appropriate air-condition.
4- Prevent direct contact with skin and eyes.
5- Do not keep in hot & flammable places.

Storage conditions N/A

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