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Copolymer 230



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Copolymer 230

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Copolymers are made from polymerization of several monomers together. Each monomer has responsibility in final structure and copolymer will show different properties depending on type and amount of used monomers. Vinyl Acetate Copolymers are different from Vinyl Acetate monomers in water-resistancy aspect, copolymers are used when there is a need for water-resistance so they are widely used in producing washable plastic paints, paints of outdoor and indoor surfaces (facades), concrete glue, tile glue, Gravel surfaces (facades) and coating of cellulose fibers.
Additional Information
SKU C230
Manufacturer Country Iran
Manufacturing factory Petromad kimya
Type of monomer Based on emulsion copolymerization of vinyl acetate and butyl acrylate with esteric carboxylic acid monomers.

Gravel surfaces (facadesIndoor paints

Outdoor paints

Cellulosic coatings


Tile adhesive)

solid content 50±1
viscosity ≥1000cps (sp3RPM60T in 25⁰C)
PH 4_5
minimum film forming temperature MFT MinTemp: 5˚C
Density 1.02
Cold resistance up to 0⁰C
Storage conditions It should be stored in 5⁰C -40⁰C, away from sunlight and in its original packing. Shelf life is 1 year as long as above condition is considered.
free monomer content max 0.3%

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