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PVA H125



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H-125 can be diluted in any ratio in water

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H-125 can be diluted in any ratio in water and it`s film is achromatic ,transparent and smooth after shrivel. this latex is used in Adhesive Binding.
Additional Information
SKU H125
Manufacturer Country Iran
Manufacturing factory Petromad kimya
Chemical composition Polyvinyl acetate , based on emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate.
Appearance White Latex
solid content 50±1
viscosity ≥250000cp
minimum film forming temperature MFT MinTemp: 5˚C
Ionic nature Nonionic
PH 3-4
Acid Number / mgKOH / g Less than 3 (mg KOH/g)
free monomer content Less than 0.3 percent
Application It can be diluted with water to any extent, and its film is dry, clear and fragile after drying. Uses of this latex are used in various industries for adhesives, wood glue, parquet adhesive, non-woven and non-woven textile packaging.
How we maintain The shelf-life is one year
Packing types PVA is supplied in two polyethylene bags and then packed in 200 kg drum.

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